January Wrap Up

January lasted foooooooooorevveeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr. These first several days of February has flown by and thus the late post, but alas school has to take precedence. My semester seems to be flying by and dragging on all at once. I don’t have a lot to recap but here is my month in review!

Books Read In January:

  1. The Vanishing Season – Jodi Lynn Anderson (review here)
  2. Scythe – Neal Schusterman (review here)

…. totaling 723 pages!

My goal for the year is, once again, 10,000 pages. I love focusing on a page goal rather than just the number of books because it gives me more of an incentive to not shy away from longer books that will take me longer to read. I have been struggling to carve time out to read while focusing on my classes. I am taking two education classes and four history classes this semester so it is hella time-consuming. I also get headaches when I read for long periods of time so when I finish reading for classes I want to nap instead of keep reading.

Book Haul for January:

  1. Scythe – Neal Schusterman
  2. Replica – Lauren Oliver
  3. Girls Made of Snow and Glass – Melissa Basharadoust

I really didn’t buy any books this month! I am so proud I have come a long way from when I used to spend all of my money on books every time I got paid. The three books that I added were Christmas gifts from my best friend from when we did out belated gift exchange.

In February I hope to be able to read at least two books again. I cannot wait to continue reading some of the series that I started in the last couple of months. Happy February yall!


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