Scythe (Arc of a Scythe #1) – Review

scythe cover

BOOK: Scythe
AUTHOR: Neal Shusterman
PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 9781442472433

My lovely best friend gifted me this book for Christmas this past year and I was able to start reading it without really knowing much about it. I actually love starting books without many expectations and I am super happy I was able to do that with this one. I have been seeing the cover of Scythe and Thunderhead (Book 2, Arc of a Scythe) on bookstagram and heard everyone raving about it but managed to not ever hear about the plot. Reading it now, I understand why everyone loves it! I am giving it a 4 out of 5-star review, but it may have been higher if I had been able to read it straight through. I started it towards the beginning of the month and then got sucked into a new semester of college. Taking the time to read it the past several days has been the high point of having a cold.

I loved getting to read about the politics of the Scythedom, which is something that I have grown a bit tired of when it comes to dystopian series. Most of the time now I find that the politics in the worldbuilding feels forced, but this one was refreshing. The themes of morality and humanity that are looked at through the gleaning journals of the various scythes truly made me contemplate life and what it means to be human. Compassion was one of the main traits that made a good scythe, and it was clear who valued that and who thought it was useless. It made me want to actively try and be more a compassionate person to everyone. I feel like a book has done its job of providing more than entertainment when it gives the reader motivation to become a better person.

The violence in the story was not something that is entirely kid friendly, but it was not overly gory. I felt that it did its job of addressing the violence of human nature in a world where there is no disease, crime, or death.

I recommend this book to any reader who enjoys YA, but especially to the young adults who have a huge opportunity to be impacted by the debates that happen between the “old-guard” way of life and the newer ways that are taking root in the Scythedom.

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